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Monday, September 25, 2017
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An Easter art event

Stations of the Cross 2017 - Beyond the Contrast

Light’s incomprehensible journey to conquer darkness.
An artistic exploration of Easter’s impact in history and time.
Visual Arts – Dance – Music

Stations of the Cross is an artistic representation of Christ's last hours before His death and resurrection. By using the visual arts, we will be able to bring this significant event to life and use it to share the impact that His sacrifice has had on our lives and for all. Nefarious darkness accosted by brilliant light.

2015 OM Belgium hosted their first Stations of the Cross (SOTC) art event. Thie Easter art event of this year will be hosted by OM Belgium in Zaventem (April 13th) and their church partners l'Autre Rive – Gembloux (April 14th) and The Well Brussels (April 16th).

Stations of the Cross 2017 in Zaventem
Time: Thursday, 13th of April, 19:30h
Place: OM België, Fabrieksstraat 63, 1930 Zaventem

Stations of the Cross 2017 in Gembloux
Time: Friday, 14th of April, 19:30h
Place: Collège St Guibert (réfectoire - pl. St Guibert), Place Saint-Guibert 40-42, 5030 Gembloux
Host: L'Autre Rive Gembloux communauté
l'Autre Rive – Gembloux Facebook

Stations of the Cross 2017 in Brussels
Time: Sunday, 16th of April, 10:30h
Place: Le Bouche à Oreille, Rue Félix Hap 11, 1040 Etterbeek
Host: The Well

Updates on Stations of the Cross 2017 can be found on OM Belgium Facebook

SOTC Moodpiece Video

Moodpiece Video Stations of the Cross 2015

Stations of the Cross 2015

“It was a very successful event with many great examples of God at work; stories of God at work in Belgium were everywhere”, says Short-term Missions Coordinator Joel Knights. We are grateful to God for a successful Stations of the Cross Easter Outreach. People visiting the stations, experiencing the gospel and receiving prayer came off the street, from outside and inside the church. Alongside Belgian participants, people from around the world took part in the outreach. In addition: “More than 12 Belgian churches sent people through or volunteered”, notes Ty (Creative Director) and Carolyn Stewart (Outreach Director). What a joy to see churches work together across languages, across denominations and across generations – we are thankful to have been part of this.

You can find some of the Stations of the Cross 2015 stories here … Stay tuned and check our website for more stories to come.

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