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Monday, September 25, 2017
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Powered Up for Future Service!

OM Ships completes the ‘Power Up’ project and re-launches Logos Hope into active ministry

Monday, 30 March 2015

 OM Ships International  Credit Beth Hutchison  Reference hopd18374Singapore: The Power Up Logos Hope technical project has officially reached its conclusion and this unique vessel is ready to continue transforming lives by bringing knowledge, help and hope to the people of the world for many more years to come. This successful finish to the project is the result of tens of thousands of hours of planning, ordering parts and materials, transporting new machinery to the ship, installation, commissioning and, most recently, familiarisation training for the new systems.

“We have experienced God’s blessing in the financing, planning and implementation of this crucial project,” expressed OM Ships CEO Peter Nicoll (South Africa). “This gives us a more efficient and reliable platform for the ministry that God has called us to in the years to come.”

The three main aspects of the project have been the replacement of two of the vessel’s generators, replacing the main switchboard to be able to cope with the increased electrical load and installing a heat recovery system so that previously wasted heat energy of the exhaust can be used for heating fuel and oil. With much preparation work having previously taken place in the engine room by OM Ships crew, the main installation work was contracted out to the Keppel Shipyard in Singapore under the supervision of a 25-member technical team from OM Ships.

The Power Up team has been led by Project Manager Matt Blair and OM Ships Marine Superintendent Elon Alva (both Australia). “We look back and see God’s protection and provision,” enthused Matt. “We’ve had people with the needed skills, good working relationships with the right people in the shipyard and the support we need.” The installation work involved taking the vessel out of the water and cutting holes in the ship side in order to allow the old equipment to be removed before new machinery and other equipment could be brought in. With work taking place in many parts of the vessel simultaneously, the Power Up team on board was kept extremely busy supervising the shipyard tasks as well as working on a number of other associated projects. The new systems are estimated to save around 300,000 Euros per year in operational costs.

This extended period of technical work has provided the opportunity for other major projects to take place, including replacing the alternator on a third generator, upgrading the bow thruster motor and controls (the system to enable easier maneuvering when in port), upgrading the cooling system for the main engines and the replacement of the floor in the galley (ship’s kitchen).

While the project was taking place, around 70 teams comprising 250 crewmembers spread out around the world to bring a message of hope in Jesus and demonstrate God’s love to many. Serving on land across six continents in 40 different countries, teams were involved in a wide variety of service projects and outreach efforts. From Brazil to Kazakhstan, Zambia to the Philippines these initiatives were done in partnership with local branches of the wider work of OM International as well as several other partner organisations in Asia with the goal to continue bringing knowledge, help and hope through the message of the Gospel.

In Uruguay, a visit to a prison and the personal testimony of one of the team members resulted in ten inmates deciding to follow Jesus. Meanwhile in South Africa, a crewmember on the team there challenged drug addicts to give up their habits and offered a Mexican meal if they would take a step in that direction. In Norway, a crewmember from Ecuador shared the message of God’s love with a fellow Spanish speaker who was feeling lost in a foreign land and in New Zealand a team challenged young people with difficult family situations to see the offer of love, acceptance and peace with God.

Elsewhere, another team helped clean up homes and schools after severe flooding in the Cameron Highlands of Malaysia while in Cambodia a team helped build a church in just three months in partnership with locals. These are just some of the many encounters that saw real change in lives and communities helped through practical outworking of God’s love.

This one-of-a-kind time in the ministry of OM Ships International was made possible by the generous support of partners all around the world who gave both financially and through gifts-in-kind, as well as price reductions from companies and suppliers. Many also joined in by praying regularly for the project. God’s protection and provision was clearly seen as this €8.2 million project was funded ahead of the work being started and it has now been completed on schedule.

As Logos Hope sails on to ports in South East Asia and then heads west towards the continent of Africa, funding is needed for the Fueling the Hope campaign to bring a message of hope to millions more in the coming years.

Gifts can be made online at www.omships.org/give or through the local OM office 

Photo: While in Anping, Taiwan in 2014 almost 29,000 visitors came aboard Logos Hope in one day!
© OM Ships International – Credit: Beth Hutchison – Reference: hopd18374

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