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Samedi, Octobre 21, 2017
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Station of the Cross 2015 Stories

Jui 15

How do you pray for the everyday? I really struggled with this question as I listened to Nathan*, a young Brusselaar who was busy explaining his life of classy haircuts, his dislike of working in event management and his ambitions to travel around the world for cheap.

I had met him only twenty minutes before. He had just been led through our Stations of the Cross exhibition by Adele, a German girl working with us who had met Nathan on the street and invited him to see it. I was waiting the end of the exhibition, at the last station called Testimony of the Saints. Here was an opportunity for the visitors to meet artists and team members, to connect how this story of Christ’s death and resurrection still impacts people today.

And yet as we talked, conversation was going nowhere like that. I wanted to explore how the paintings, dances, dramas, films and music had moved his soul, and yet all we were talking about were cheap flights to New York and whether flying too often would make him look old too fast.

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Jui 15

There’s a moment during Stations of the Cross (SOTC) I shall never forget. It wasn’t actually a moment but a concurrence of “accidental” events and inspirations from God. It was an encounter that taught me many things.

I was handing out flyers on Wednesday, the day before the start of the event. I was walking through the shopping street and giving everyone I met a flyer with information. At a certain point in time I walked by a drifter sitting in front of a store. He was bent over looking at his shoes. He had a sign that probably said something like “can you spare any change so I can buy food”. I couldn’t read it, it was in French. I had already walked by this man, when I suddenly had this feeling that I should return and give him some money. I retraced my steps and asked if he spoke English. It was a weird question given the fact that we were in a French part of Brussels where nobody speaks English. Strangely enough this man was the first person with whom I could have a normal conversation. His English was even better than mine. He was hungry. Once again I felt I should do something so I asked him if I could go buy him some food.

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Mai 15

OM Belgium SOTC 2015 Invitations photo c Priscilla CashI felt honored to be able to participate in the Stations Of The Cross (SOTC) Easter Outreach in Belgium 2015. This was an incredible experience I will never forget. I was amazed by the professional quality of the exhibits and the enormous amount of planning which took place to bring this Outreach together. The devil put many obstacles in the way, but God gave us the victory.

My role during this Outreach was to hand out flyers and invite people in to go through the Stations. I also talked to many people and listened to their stories – both believers and non-believers. I talked to one fellow who was so moved by the Stations, which brought tears to his eyes.

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Mai 15

spotlights photo c Priscilla Cash 2015-04-01One of the comments, and there have been many, that has stood out to me during this outreach is one from the Belgians that have joined our team. The comment is simple, but heartfelt. “Thank-you.”  Thank you for coming and joining us in our efforts to reach our fellow-countrymen with hope. I have not just heard this said once either. These people, our sisters and brothers here in Belgium, see the need. They see how the church has faded, how Belgium has become a post-Christian nation, in many ways a country without a God.

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Mai 15

Although I’ve known Janice since my training days back in South Africa in 2002 when she was one of the leaders on the training team, I only got to know her better when she joined us for the Stations of the Cross Outreach recently.

She told the story of how she started painting only a short while ago, after asking the Lord for a way to share the Gospel. Working from the UK National office and being involved with church there wasn’t much time or opportunity to share outside of the Christian community. She joined a local art class just to get among people. After the first day of the Stations of the Cross event feeling something was missing from the Resurrection Station she came back to the ZavCentre and found some paints, brushes and a canvas. Within about two hours, the painting was done to complement the last scene, the Resurrection of Christ.

When I asked her if I may buy this picture from her, she kindly said I may have it as a gift! And now it is in my office so everyone who walks into our office, can see it immediately. Someone asked me last week whether the cloth that resembles the empty tomb clothes worn by Jesus, has any particular meaning to it, as the one part resembles a snake’s head. I wrote to Janice to ask of she did that deliberately, to remind the onlooker of Genesis 3:15b, “He shall bruise you on the head, and you shall bruise him on the heel.”

Janice was quite surprised to hear that, as it was not done with any purpose in mind, but that showed once again that the Holy Spirit was at work during the Stations of the Cross, using participants even without them being aware of it.

Did I already say that I treasure this painting, and now even more?!

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