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Serving Abroad

OM Belgium does not only take missionaries, we also send out Belgians to spread the gospel! The work they are doing is diverse and also the cultures they work in.

If you are interested in going on a short term mission trip from Belgium to another country or work long term with OM, feel free to contact us. On the OM International website you find current short-term and long-term opportunities. 



A special opportunity of being a missonary with OM is to join the OM ship, which sails around the globe providing knowledge, help and hope. Several persons now serving at OM Belgium spend one or two years there and are still enthusiastic about it! Read what Henri writes about his time at the ship:

When I was 18, I went to the ship Logos 2, for 2 years, eventually almost 3. God used this time to change my life forever. It was on the ship that I decided to join missions for the rest of my life, wherever God would send me. In my first year, I worked in the engine room and discovered a lot about myself, for instance that I am not technical at all. God shaped my character and made me stronger. In my second year, I discovered that I had learned quite a bit about God as well and was able to go deeper into that. I worked at the training and evangelism department then. Also the daily confrontation with other cultures taught me the reality of the gospel: it is not culturally bound, the gospel is a message valid worldwide even when people experienvce their faith in total different ways.

Henri Menheere

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